Varsity Squash Season Comes to a Close for 52 SEA College Students

While the pandemic put a halt on last year’s intercollegiate squash season, 52 SEA college students returned to the court this year for a great season of competition. Students from nine SEA member programs were on the varsity rosters at 14 colleges and universities, with 12 students competing for Connecticut College, eight at St. Lawrence University, and four at Colby College, Denison University, Dickinson College, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, and Mount Holyoke College. Since 2005, over 200 SEA students have competed on varsity squash teams, with more than 30 players servings as team captains.

Among the most competitive programs that SEA students played for were the #3 ranked Trinity College Women’s Team and #10 University of Rochester Men’s Team. Zeinab Bakayoko of StreetSquash and Joyce Chan of Access Youth Academy were on the Trinity roster, while Quinlan Jeudy, also of StreetSquash, played for Rochester.

“One of the many highlights of my experience playing college squash was this season, where I played 9 at the CSA Team Nationals, the highest position I played all season,” says Trinity’s Bakayoko. “It was the best feeling ever because of all my hard work and sacrifices I made to play squash  in college felt completely worth it. It was also amazing to know that my family, friends, and coaches from StreetSquash were watching and supporting me all the way back home.”

Several first-year students had strong performances this season, including St. Lawrence’s Promise Dorsey-Butler, of StreetSquash, who went 16-5 (primarily in the eight and nine spots) and was named to the All-Liberty League Team. Another first-year standout was Racquet Up Detroit’s Antoinette Ramsay, who competed in the one and two spots for Denison University and played in the CSA National Collegiate Individual Championships.

Nearly half of the varsity players this year were seniors, with several serving as team captains. Connecticut College seniors Billy Fleurima of CitySquash, MD Jawad of Squash Haven, and Luigi Pasquariello of CitySquash captained the Men’s team, and Johanile Hurtado of Squash Haven and Liliana Vazquez of MetroSquash were captains for the Women’s team. Hobart and William Smith senior Jo Pacheco, of CitySquash, captained the William Smith Women’s Team, which took home the Walker Cup Title, and MetroSquash senior and All-Liberty League player Makyla Kelley captained the St. Lawrence Women’s Team, which took home the Liberty League title.

Colby College senior Sabrina Teope and sophomore Karla Domingues, both of New York’s CitySquash, helped their team claim the championship title for its division in the Epps Cup. Teope and Domingues are two of 15 CitySquash students playing varsity college squash this year, the largest representation from an SEA member program.

“It’s awesome to see so many SEA college students get out there again and represent their schools for a full, competitive college squash season,” says Jessica Davis, SEA’s Management Analyst and former college squash player.

Meet all of SEA’s 2021-2022 college squash players below!

*Indicates student is a 2021-2022 CSA Scholar-Athlete

Kaetu Wleh
Amherst College, SquashBusters

Victoria Haghighi
Bates College, CitySquash

Dainalee Velez
Bates College, CitySquash

Micheka Fenelon
Bowdoin College, SquashBusters

Edwardo Perez
Bowdoin College, Squash Haven

Elizabeth Barroso
Colby College, CitySquash

Karla Domingues
Colby College, CitySquash

Alan Lopez
Colby College, CitySquash

Sabrina Teope
Colby College, CitySquash

Angela Cao*
Connecticut College, SquashBusters

Crystal Dixon
Connecticut College, MetroSquash

Billy Fleurima*
Connecticut College, CitySquash

Leslie Gonzalez
Connecticut College, StreetSquash

Johanile Hurtado
Connecticut College, Squash Haven

Juan Hurtado
Connecticut College, Squash Haven

MD Jawad*
Connecticut College, Squash Haven

Alex Lorenzo-Cruz
Connecticut College, CitySquash

Rachel Matamoros
Connecticut College, Squash Haven

Tanya Mendoza
Connecticut College, CitySquash

Luigi Pasquariello*
Connecticut College, CitySquash

Liliana Vazquez*
Connecticut College, MetroSquash

Jaz’mene Little
Denison University, Racquet Up Detroit

Raqiyah Morrow
Denison University, Racquet Up Detroit

Antoinette Ramsey
Denison University, Racquet Up Detroit

Ie’Jana Woodley
Denison University, Racquet Up Detroit

Frederick Cisse
Dickinson College, Squash Haven

Jocelyn Feliciano
Dickinson College, Squash Haven

Osuman Imoro
Dickinson College, Squash Haven

Katelynn Young
Dickinson College, SquashSmarts

Pratiksha Mishra
Franklin & Marshall College, Squash Haven

Raji Davenport
Hobart & William Smith, SquashDrive

Quran Davis
Hobart & William Smith, Racquet Up Detroit

Shante Frank
Hobart & William Smith, SquashBusters

Joana Pacheco
Hobart & William Smith, CitySquash

Giselle Cabrera
Mount Holyoke College, CitySquash

Kyla Core
Mount Holyoke College, SquashSmarts

Janiqua Davis
Mount Holyoke College, Squash Haven

Melissa Marquez
Mount Holyoke College,  Squash Haven

Promise Dorsey-Butler
St. Lawrence University, StreetSquash

Tita Hicks
St. Lawrence University, CitySquash

Makyla Kelley*
St. Lawrence University, MetroSquash

Katherine Leiva
St. Lawrence University, SquashBusters

Aaron Levy
St. Lawrence University, Racquet Up Detroit

Starnisha Ramsey
St. Lawrence University, Racquet Up Detroit

Daniel Rosas
St. Lawrence University, CitySquash

Xitlali Zuniga
St. Lawrence University, CitySquash

Zeinab Bakayoko
Trinity College, StreetSquash

Joyce Chan
Trinity College, Access Youth Academy

Quinlan Jeudy
University of Rochester, StreetSquash

Kevin Angulo
Wesleyan University, SquashBusters

Josiah Bennett
Wesleyan University, SquashBusters

Marangela James
Wesleyan University, SquashBusters


*The Scholar-Athlete Award is granted to varsity juniors or seniors who have played on the team throughout their college career, earned at least two varsity letters, participated in the majority of the team’s matches in the top 10 of the lineup during the season, and achieved a high academic standing at their institution.