2023 Individual Nationals

Davenport Squash Courts at Amherst College, 220 South Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA 01002

Robert M. Dewey Squash Center at Deerfield Academy, 7 Boyden Lane, Deerfield, MA 01342

June 16-18, 2023

Tournament Director: Paulina Rojek,  paulina.rojek@squashandeducation.org

Format: Team

Event Summary

  • U13, U15, U17, and U19 divisions for both genders. Larger draws will include A and B divisions.
  • $90 entry fee per player ($40 entry fee + $50 housing fee)
  • Each participating player must have an up-to-date US Squash membership. Players must also have passed the US Squash Referee Exam (found in the Affiliations/Certifications section of each players’ US Squash account “Home” page).
  • Matches will begin on Friday at 2PM and end on Sunday at 2PM

Ratings/Rankings: Ratings tournament – Participants will not receive ranking points


4/14 – Programs submit Team Request Form for the number of teams/entries by age group
4/21 – Programs notified of the number of allotted teams/entries in each category on a rolling basis.
4/28 – Programs confirm the number of teams they are bringing

4/28 Programs who would like to update player’s US Squash memberships must submit a US Squash Account Update Form to Bill Buckingham (bill.buckingham@ussquash.org) by this date. For this information on creating new accounts, please see SEA’s US Squash Accounts Guidelines.
5/4 – Programs submit rosters on US Squash System, T-Shirt Request Form, and waivers for all attending players and staff. $90 entry fee per player (entry fee + housing fee). $15 fee per person for late or incomplete submissions. $100 fee per team for any teams that drop out after this point. Payments made online
5/12 – Release preliminary seeding. Petition period opens
5/15 – Seeding petitions and final requests for later start time due
6/7 – Pre-tournament informational call with all available/attending staff members.
6/14 – Upload pre-travel proof of a negative covid test using this form
6/14 – Final Tournament Draw Posted on US Squash
6/16 – Roster order cannot change after check-in

Seedings will be based on US Squash ratings in conjunction with a seedings petition process

Program Fees
$90 per entry (entry fee + housing)
$15 fee for entry substitutions submitted after 5/4
*Programs are responsible for half the entry fee for any player dropouts after 5/4
Online Payment

SEA will reimburse $200 for student flights, up to 15 students per program.

Program Event Expectations 

SEA COVID-19 Policies

SEA Staff and Student Waiver
SEA Student Waiver – Spanish
COVID-19 Pre-Travel Test
SEA Member Program Document Submission

General Overnight-Tournament Packing List