JANUARY 17-19, 2020



Celebrate the growth and success of the extraordinary organizations in our network. Located in 28 cities in six countries, our programs use the game of squash to empower young people and provide life-changing educational opportunities. Join generations of players, friends, and supporters as we commemorate 25 years, reflect on our history, and prepare for what’s ahead.

Schedule of Events

Friday, January 17

SEA Leadership Assembly, 8am-5pm
A one-day conference connecting leaders and stakeholders of the network, as well as outside experts in education, sports and philanthropy, to examine challenges and opportunities, profile success stories, and chart a course forward for the SEA network.

Jubilee Welcome Reception, 5pm-7pm
A welcome reception for attendees of the Leadership Assembly, supporters of SEA and our member programs, and guests to kick off the celebratory weekend. 

J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions, 7:30pm-9:30pm
2nd round matches of the J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions in Grand Central Terminal.

Saturday, January 18

Legends Showdown, 8:30am-4pm
A team squash competition, held at StreetSquash in Harlem and other New York squash facilities, pitting old friends and rivals against each other on the court and in fundraising.

Jubilee Gala Dinner, 6:30pm
New York Hilton Midtown
1335 Sixth Avenue

Sunday, January 19

Farewell Brunch, 10am-12pm
Location TBD

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Andrea & Russ Ball
Simone & Tench Coxe
Sue & Steve Mandel
Polly & Terry O’Toole


*Board Member
**Jubilee Committee (in formation)

Derek Aguirre*
Graham Arader
Paul Assaiante
Yvain Badan
Satinder Bajwa
Andrea & Russ Ball
Dar & David Barrett
David Barry
George Bell
Drummond Bell**
Lenny Bernheimer**
Jeff Blumberg
Sam Blumberg
Bob Bolling
Aaron Boroughs
Richard Braddock*
John Brazilian
Diane & Peter Briggs
Frank Brosens
John Burke**
Steve Byer
Clive Caldwell
Richard Chin**
Cassie Robbins & Tom Clayton
Morris Clothier**
Tim Conway
Brooke* & Abbott Cooper
Iago Cornes
Cecilia Cortes
Pat Cosquer
Simone & Tench Coxe
J.D. Cregan**
Patrice Cromwell**
Jazmin Danielson
Mike Desaulniers**
Bob Dewey**
Rob Dinerman
James Dodson
Danny Dolan
Alex Domenick
Diana & Joe Dowling
Bill Doyle**
Peter Dunne
Elizabeth Dupree*
Bill Durden
Margaret Kent Edson**
Ned Edwards
Eric Eiteljorg
Yasser El Halaby
Jennifer Elliott**
Daniel Ezra**
Patti & Eric Fast
Mike Ferreira
Dave Fish
Rene Flores
Anne & David Ford, Jr.**
Jon Foster
Icy Frantz
Peter Frew
Jessica Gamez
Don Givelos
Gene Goldstein
Stu Goldstein
Charlie Goodwin
Sarah & Bob Gould
Kieran Coleman & Julie Greenwood
Shapley & Steven Gregg
Ann & Doug Grissom
Lindsay & Philip Guthrie
Susan & George Haggarty
Sarah & Chester Hall
Peggy & Ed Harding
Candice & Tim Harrison
Walter Harrison**
Tom Harrity
Nicole & Larry Heath**
Betsy & Jack Hellmann**
Christian Henze
Lauren Herterich
James Michael Hill
David Hillman
Deborah Hodes
Demer Holleran
Jennifer Holleran
Robert Hopkins*
West Hubbard
Charlie Humber
Chris Hunt
Jon Hyett
Kevin Jernigan
Jason Jewell
Dave Johnson
Francis Johnson
Katherine Johnson
Dan Joseph
Anne & Joe Juster
Amrit* & Sarah Kanwal
Peter Karlen**
Sven Karlen**
Elizabeth Berylson Katz*
David Kay*
Pam Kiernan*
Leslie Kimerling
Kevin Klipstein*
Eliza Kontulis
Diana Gomez Kopp
Skip Krawczyk
John Kreitler
Jeffrey Laikind
Gilly Lane
Alana Lerner
Nina LeSueur
Ken Levine
Courtney Knowlton & Terence Li
Jarrett Lilien
Emily & Justin* Lungstrum
Laurie & Richard Lynne
Sue & Steve Mandel
Tom Mandel
Christie* & Chris Manning
Abby Markoe*
Alan Martinez
Marisol deLuna Martinez
Andy McAfee
Mimi & Mac McAndrew
Alicia McConnell**
Ryan McGinley-Stempel
Joseph M. McShane, S.J.
Andrew Merrill
Tyler Mixter
David Moss
Jackie Moss
Meghan Murphy**
James Narr
Jean & Anil Nayar
Dana & Andrew Nehrbas
John Nimick**
Elise O’Connell
Polly & Terry O’Toole
Reyna Pacheco
Jessenia Pacheco*
Palmer Page**
Mark Pagon
Renato Paiva
Charlie Parkhurst
Nina Howell Patterson
Natalie Grainger & Peer** Pederson
Steve Piltch
Ronnie Planalp
Ivy Pochoda**
Tom Poor**
Hope Prockop**
Sascha & Chris Proudlove
Valentin Quan
Preston Quick
Barbara Raho**
Gail Ramsay
Maggie Remsen
Beau River
Carly and Simon Roddy
Javier Rodriguez**
Jen Roos
Jeanne Rose
Bernardo Samper
Doug Schloss
Larry Sconzo
Lana Eisenstein & Tom Scott
Brian Sedlak
Steve Seelbach
Matt Sheridan
Teresa Koster & Errin Siagel
Dan Sills
Bill Simon**
Amanda Sobhy*
Chris Spahr
Jeff Stanley**
Scott Stossel
Cass Sunstein**
Jacques Swanepoel
David Talbott**
Lynne Tapper
Kit Tatum**
Meg Taylor
Sandy Tierney
Bill Ullman**
Rahul Vinnakota**
Andrew Walter**
Stephanie & Brian Walters
Daniel Watts
Mike Way
Oliver Weisberg*
Libby & Sam Welch
Dee & Pug Winokur
Wistar Wood
Marnie Worth
Lauren Kidwell & Chris Wyant
Peg & Jack Wyant
Missy Wyant Smit**
Jack Wyant, Jr.
Tim Wyant*
Jill & Paul* Yablon
Peter Yik
Greg Zaff*