50 SEA Students Competed in the Varsity College Squash Season

The SEA network enjoyed another strong college squash season, with 50 students competing at the varsity level across 18 colleges and universities. These students represented 13 SEA programs, showcasing their talent and dedication on the courts.

Connecticut College led the charge with 10 SEA students on their varsity roster, followed by Chatham with 5 players, and Hobart, Mount Holyoke, and Wesleyan each closely following with 4 players. Bates, Colby, Middlebury, St. Lawrence, Vassar, and William Smith all had more than 1 SEA student contribute to their teams during the season.

“Competing in college squash was a rewarding and intense experience”, reflected SquashHaven graduate and Connecticut College senior Rachel Matamoros, “On and off the court, it pushed my limits physically and mentally as I competed against skilled opponents. My teammates’ friendship and commitment made it a pleasure to represent Connecticut College, motivating my passion for squash throughout my four years.”

Other colleges with SEA students included Amherst, Bard, Denison, Franklin and Marshall, Haverford, Stanford, and Williams, adding depth to the talent pool across various institutions.

CitySquash had the largest number of graduates playing college squash this season with 23 students, followed by SquashHaven with 6, and 4 each from SquashBusters and Capitol Squash. 

SEA had a total of 15 first-year students and 18 second-year students compete at a varsity level, setting the stage for future successes.

Notable achievements included sophomore Abigail Alemayeho of Access Youth Academy, who played for the #5 ranked team, Stanford University. Racquet Up Detroit graduate Antionette Ramsay earned First-Team All-Liberty League, while possessing a 10-10 record playing #1 at Denison. Ramsay had key wins over Connecticut College, Haverford, Vassar, and Wesleyan and was named a two-time Liberty League Women’s Squash Performer. Additionally, CitySquash graduate Caleb Boateng, SEA’s highest rated college squash player, earned NESCAC All-Sportsmanship and All Academic playing at Middlebury. 

In total, 270 SEA high school graduates have played college squash – 56 on club teams and 214 at the varsity level. The SEA network was also well represented in collegiate squash through the 18 additional students who competed for 14 club squash teams including  Boston College, Boston University, Colgate, University of Connecticut, Dartmouth, George Washington, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Lehigh, Northeastern, Notre Dame, University of Pennsylvania, Swarthmore, and Yale.

Meet all the Varsity SEA’s 2023-2024 College Squash players below:


Jesse Brew
Amherst College, CitySquash

Thelma Williams
Bard College, SquashWise

Angelina Amastal
Bates College, CitySquash

Daina Velez
Bates College, CitySquash

Keyel Beasley
Chatham University, Steel City Squash

Ta’Niya-Marie Nored 
Chatham University, Racquet Up Detroit

Brett Poles
Chatham University, SquashWise

Amari Sade Spivey
Chatham University, Steel City Squash

Elizabeth Barroso
Colby College, CitySquash

Karla Domingues
Colby College, CitySquash

Alan Lopez
Colby College, CitySquash

Crystal Dixon
Connecticut College, MetroSquash

Karen Escalera
Connecticut College, Squash Haven

Alex Lorenzo-Cruz
Connecticut College, Squash Haven

Kimberly Lucero 
Connecticut College, CitySquash

Kimberly Lucero
Connecticut College, CitySquash

Rachel Matamoros 
Connecticut College, SquashHaven

Chris Meza
Connecticut College, Squash Haven

Julio Palomino
Connecticut College, Squash Urbano Colombia

Gwyneth Perez
Connecticut College, Squash Haven

Josiah Rondon
Connecticut College, Squash Haven

Anthony Valladares
Connecticut College, Squash Haven

Antoinette Ramsey
Denison University, Racquet Up Detroit

Joey Ho
Franklin and Marshall, CitySquash

Zoe Liu 
Haverford College, CitySquash

Raji Davenport
Hobart College SquashDrive

Alexis Rios
Hobart & William Smith, CitySquash

John Solano
Hobart & William Smith, CitySquash

Mathew Aldama
Hobart & William Smith, StreetSquash

Caleb Boateng
Middlebury College, CitySquash

Andrian Diaz
Middlebury College, SquashBusters

Kyla Core
Mount Holyoke College, SquashSmarts

Tina Mei
Mount Holyoke College, CitySquash

Ku Paw
Mount Holyoke College, Capitol Squash

Sachary Rodriguez Robles
Mount Holyoke College, CitySquash

Maury Escalona
St. Lawrence University, CitySquash

Tita Hicks 
St. Lawrence University, CitySquash

Xitlali Zuniga-Romero
St. Lawrence University, CitySquash

Abigail Alemayeho
Stanford University, Access Youth Academy

Gabriel Lugo
Vassar College, Capitol Squash

Mariya Novosad
Vassar College, CitySquash

Kevin Angulo
Wesleyan University, SquashBusters

Marenga James
Wesleyan University, SquashBusters

Julissa Mota 
Wesleyan University, Capitol Squash

Yeisy Velazquez
Wesleyan University, CitySquash

Shane Frank
William Smith College, Squash Busters

Brianna Lucero
William Smith College, CitySquash

Tamia Rollaing
William Smith College, CitySquash

Giselle Ciriaco
Williams College, CitySquash