Saturday, January 18th

41 West 115th Street

Manhattan Community Squash
25 West 39th Street

Time to dust off your racket and settle some grudges!

Who did you most want to beat when you were in your prime? Who was the player you had the closest matches with? Who, after all these years, would really like to get back on court with?

On Saturday, January 18th, supporters of SEA’s 25th Anniversary Jubilee will have the chance to go back in time and do battle against their best friends and closest rivals. At the Legends Showdown, you will be able to settle scores, see how much your fitness has declined, and…. maybe, just maybe… show your friends that you still have the skills you once had. Best of all, you can help us pick who will be in your draw!

Short Tournament!- Match times will be assigned based on age: 9:30am-11:30am (50+) and 12:00pm-3:00pm (-50)

Venues – Players will be notified of where their draws’ matches will be played (Manhattan Community Squash or StreetSquash) on Thursday, January 16tth.

– Draws of up to 8 players
– Up to 3 ~15 minute matches per player


Not sure who is attending the Jubilee gala dinner and will be in New York on January 18th? Check out the RSVP list.

Entrants and Draws
Todd Abedon
Derek Aguirre
Kingsley Amoako
Mauricio Anguiano
Pehlaaji Bajwa
David Barry
Kari Betts
Colin Campbell
Alan Cantlin
William Cheng
Jennifer Chu
Iago Cornes
Jeffrey Cummings
Ilana Eisenstein
Esteban Espinal
Jonathan Foster
Liz Gatling
Margaret Gerety
Chessin Gertler
Samantha Gonzalez
Lindsay Guthrie
Tim Harrison
Asher Hochberg
John Hollingsworth
West Hubbard
Jason Jewell
Francis Johnson
Katherine Johnson
Clive Johnston
Peter Karlen
Elizabeth Berylson Katz
Jeffrey Laikind
Chase Lenfest
Kenneth Levine
Margaux Losty
Michael Masius
Tom McKay
Julie Monrad
Gavin Montgomery
Jean Paul Morais
Nitzan Moree
David Moss
Miguel Nava
Dylan Patterson
Ronnie Planalp
Ivy Pochoda
Winston Price
Betsy Rath
Maggie Remsen
Javier Rodriguez
Terrance Rose
Jose Rubert-Zayas
Josh Schwartz
Steve Seelbach
Michael Shrubb
Dan Sills
Chris Smith
Chas Stewart
Nick Sutcliffe
Barrett Takesian
Stephanie Teaford
Seetreeon Torres
Daniel Watts
Oliver Weisberg
Henry Werner
Ted Whittemore
Chris Wyant
Tim Wyant
Peter Yik
Brad Young