By the Numbers

2,500+ young people in elementary school through college supported by SEA member programs and international affiliates

2,019 elementary, middle, and high school students across the U.S. enrolled in SEA programs

1,240 high school graduates

354 students accepted and enrolled in selective independent day, boarding, and parochial middle and high schools

195 high school graduates from our programs have played on college squash teams

94 percent of students who stay in our member programs graduate high school and enroll in post-secondary schools

65 percent of students earn a B.A. within 6 years, compared with the national average of 24 percent for low-income students

46 scholarships for summer school and pre-college programs offered at 8 boarding schools and 4 universities

36 percent of high school graduates in our network attend U.S News & Report top 100 colleges and universities, 27 percent attend top 50 colleges and universities, and 9 percent attend colleges and universities in the top 25

25 million dollars in college scholarships won by students from our member programs

27 alumni from our network work at SEA member programs today

19 member organizations in 21 cities across the U.S.

20 million dollars invested in SEA network students annually

6 U.S. Senators, 3 Governors, 1 Secretary of Education, 1 Supreme Court Justice, and 1 Former Deputy Attorney General have met with our students as part of our annual Citizenship Tour

5 international affiliates of SEA on 4 continents

3 summer squash camps at 2 universities and 1 private school

2 national tournaments with over 450 participants each

2 graduates selected as Peace Corps Volunteers and 1 graduate selected as a Fulbright Scholar

1 squash player from our network competed on the professional tour