By the Numbers

Our Network

25 member organizations in the SEA network, including 20 in the United States and 5 abroad

2,000+ elementary, middle, and high school students across the U.S. enrolled in SEA programs

7 of 10 SEA students identify as first-generation

40 alumni from our network work at SEA member programs today

96 percent of SEA students identify as Black or Latino

20+ million dollars invested in SEA network students annually 

Student and Alumni Achievements

94 percent of students who stay in our member programs graduate high school and enroll in postsecondary schools

1,561 SEA students have graduated from high school

78 percent of SEA graduates matriculate into Bachelors degree programs;  17 percent enroll in Associates programs

79 percent of students who enroll in Bachelor’s degree programs graduate within 6 years

265 high school graduates from our programs have played on college squash teams

431 students accepted and enrolled in selective independent day, boarding, and parochial middle and high schools

3 squash player from our network competed on the professional tour

2 graduates selected as Peace Corps Volunteers and 1 graduate selected as a Fulbright Scholar

SEA’s Work & Initiatives

1000+ students play in SEA tournaments annually, held in such locations as Detroit, New York, Chicago, Providence, Philadelphia, San Diego, Amherst, Deerfield, and Gambier, OH

$400,000+ in challenge grants awarded by SEA member organizations to provide funding for capital projects, academic innovation, squash excellence initiatives, and new SEA startups

$150,000+ scholarships provided by SEA annually to provide more than 70 students from across the network to attend summer school programs at 18 boarding schools and universities

$90,000 awarded annually by SEA to member program students and alumni in scholarships, financial aid, and internship grants

6 U.S. Senators, 3 Governors, 3 Pulitzer Award winning journalist, 1 United States Attorney General , 1 Secretary of Education, 1 Supreme Court Justice, and 1 Former Deputy Attorney General have met with our students as part of our annual Changemakers Tour