Urban Squash Alumni Summer Staff

NUSEA is hiring alumni squash coaches and tournament assistants for several events this summer. If you are interested in applying for a position, please submit your information on-line, and email your resume and a cover letter to jobs@squashandeducation.org with “Alumni Staff Application” in the subject line.

Urban Squash Alumni Staff Application Form – Deadline April 20th

Urban Individuals Tournament Assistants:

Urban Individual Nationals, June 19-21 at Amherst and Williams Colleges


  • Support players, coaches, and program staff throughout the weekend
  • Ensure that winner and loser of each match referees and scores the following match properly and fairly, refereeing when/if necessary
  • Keep matches running on schedule, no empty courts or 3/4 court
  • Maintain a safe and clean environment on court and throughout the tournament venues, set up and clean up throughout the day
  • Update tournament draws, distribute score sheets and squash balls, and communicate clearly with players and coaches
  • Report tournament concerns and behavior issues to Tournament Directors and appropriate program staff
  • Enforce tournament rules regarding behavior, protective eye-wear, and sportsmanship
  • Ready and willing to take on big, small, or annoying tasks, and do whatever it takes to make the tournament great
  • Manage dorm check in and check out
  • Coordinate academic award ceremony
  • Compensation: $125, meals and room included

Squad Counselors:

1. Deerfield Squad, June 29-July 2 at Deerfield Academy

2. Virginia Squad, July 17-20 at University of Virginia

3. Stanford Squad, July 29-August 2 at Stanford University


  • Provide on-court coaching and training during camp
  • Lead daily training sessions overseen by Squad Director and Assistant Coach
  • Maintain high energy and positive approach on and off court, set positive example for students through your actions and attitude
  • Ensure that camp is a safe, supportive, and healthy experience for all participants
  • Respond to student and staff needs as required
  • Supervise off-court and evening activities
  • Room check at wake up and lights out, each day
  • Ready and willing to take on big, small, or annoying tasks, and do whatever it takes to make the camp a great experience
  • Compensation: $250, meals and room included

There are a limited number of opportunities available, so apply early!