Choate Rosemary Hall Summer Program

Wallingford, CT
June 28 – August 6, 2021

Number of scholarships: 7
Age: current 6th and 7th graders
Member Program Tuition Cost: $900 per student
Market Value Price: $1,950 per student

SEA Primary Contact: Sonia Gonzalez;
Choate Primary Contact: Susan Farrell;

February 19 – Deadline for Financial Aid materials submitted directly to Choate

February 22 – Deadline for full Choate Summer School Application submitted directly to Choate


After confirming participation, selected nominees will then be required to fill out the full Choate Summer School application and follow the steps below.

Application materials may be sent via mail, fax or email to:

333 Christian Street, Wallingford, CT 06492


1. Member Program advisors should read overview of the financial aid student application process2021 Choate Summer School General Application Website and Financial Aid Application Instructions (the deadline for SEA students in 2/19 for financial aid) 

2. Complete Online Application – Application fee will be waived.  Type in “SEA” in the Other Field when responding to the application question on How they heard about Choate Summer Programs. They should also type in “Requesting Fee Waiver” right before their essay in the personal statement field, and then they should select “Pay by Check” when they get to the application payment screen (they do not need to send a check).

The application will need to be completed in one sitting (you will not be able to save an incomplete application and return to finish it later). In addition to answering questions about your academic history, you will be asked to:
a. provide one parent’s or guardian’s: cell phone, email, employment, and occupation. (Only a prefix, first name, and last name will be required for any additional parents or guardians); the program and courses you are interested in (If you have not already done so, review the program and course selections);
c. provide a personal statement
A 250-350 word Personal Statement is required. The form will not submit if that field is blank.
You can compose your statement in a word processing program and copy it into the personal statement field, or indicate in the field that you’ll submit your statement at a later date via email.
PROMPT: Please share with us how attending Choate Summer Programs relates to your interests, abilities, and aspirations. How do the specific program (s) and courses you are applying for fit with who you are now and with who you wish to become as a student and as a person?

3. School transcript (a photocopy of transcript is acceptable) – Be sure your school includes a transcript with current courses and current grades in the material sent directly to Choate Summer Programs. Can be sent via mail, email or fax.

4. Financial Aid Application FormPrint and distribute to student’s family to complete this form. Family will also need to include a copy of completed 2019 or 2020 1040 and W2 IRS tax forms for all custodial and non-custodial parents or guardians, and must include all supporting documents. Can be sent via mail, email or fax.

5. Recommendations (2 teacher and 1 school official) – Complete the Teacher and School Official Recommendation Request Form. Once you submit the application, you will receive an email with a link to the Recommendation Request Form. Note: depending on the course selection, your student may have specific requirements for teacher recommendations. Instructions are outlined on the recommendation forms.

***Please note that the applicant’s teacher/school should submit their recommendations to Choate’s office directly. Please be sure they reference the applicant’s name in the subject line of their email. The applicant should ask their teachers early, as school vacations and other teacher obligations may slow up the process of submitting the recommendations. The Teacher and School Recommendation Form can be filled out online, or hard copies can be sent to us directly at:

6. Submit a Graded Essay – Provide a recent graded essay – preferably from an English/Humanities course and email, mail or fax to Choate. Can be sent via mail, email or fax. (


Tuition, Fees and Additional Costs

Member programs should be prepared to contribute $150 per week for private school and pre-college. Tuition for Choate gets sent directly to the school, not SEA.

PLEASE NOTE that each school may require additional funds (between $200-$500) for books, supplies and incidentals that are not included in the tuition. Programs may be asked to pay for these costs upfront upon acceptance of each student and is an additional cost to the tuition. In certain cases, an initial enrollment fee upon acceptance may also be requested and will vary in amount depending on the school and the financial documents submitted by the students’ families.

Member Program Contributions

Member Programs should be prepared to contribute for each student accepted:

  • $150 per week for REMOTE private school and pre-college programs; for in-person programs, member programs should be prepared to contribute $300 per week and pay for student travel costs.
  • Additional stipend for books, supplies, and incidentals (between $200-$500). Each school may require additional funds for books, supplies and incidentals that are not included in the tuition. Programs may be asked to pay for these costs upfront upon acceptance of each student
    (an additional cost to the tuition).
  • In certain cases, an initial enrollment fee/deposit is required upon acceptance. Amounts vary depending on the school and financial documents submitted by the students’ families. Any enrollment fee/deposit will be deducted from the total member program contribution ($300 per week).
  • Programs may consider splitting some of these costs with the families. See below for details.

Family Contributions

  • Member programs should be explicit with families what portion of incidentals (books, supplies, enrollment fee/deposit, travel) will be covered by the program versus by the family. Member programs may use this worksheet to help calculate potential family contributions.
  • To determine the scholarship amount allotted, most schools will require the family of each student to fill out a confidential financial questionnaire and provide copies of 2019 or 2020 IRS 1040 Forms and copies of supporting W-2 Forms and/or 1099 Forms from the same year as the IRS 1040 Form. Based on this information, the school may ask for an additional contribution from a student’s family based on their ability to pay. It is very important that this is clear to your students’ families before you make your nominations. They must be willing to disclose financial information and able to provide supporting documentation, and they may be asked by the school to contribute to the cost of the program.
  • We recommend requesting that families provide a copy of the 2019 or 2020 IRS 1040 Forms and/or copies of W-2 Forms and/or 1099 Forms to member programs in order to help SEA match students with the most affordable summer school opportunities possible. 

SEA Contributions

SEA is committed to raising the following funds for each student accepted:

  • Balance of tuition, room & board
  • $100 towards airfare (if necessary)
  • Application fee (if necessary)

Additional Resources

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For general inquiries, see the link below.
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