College Squash

94% of SEA students who remain in their member programs through high school matriculate to colleges and universities. Of these graduates, 19% play squash in college. In total, 265 SEA students have played intercollegiate squash since 2005 — 187 at the varsity level and 78 at the club level. Today, 52 SEA students play on varsity squash teams. Here are the historical numbers of varsity players by college:

Connecticut College (25)
Hobart & William Smith Colleges (20)
St. Lawrence University (20)
Bates College (19)
Mount Holyoke College (16)
Wesleyan University (14)
Franklin & Marshall College (13)
Dickinson College (5)
Hamilton College (5)
Colby College (5)
Trinity College (5)
Chatham University (4)
Vassar College (3)
Bowdoin College (3)
Middlebury College (3)

Tufts University (2)
University of Rochester (2)
Williams College (2)
Haverford College (2)
Smith College (2)Denison University (2)
Amherst College (2)
Columbia University (1)
Bard College (1)
Cornell University (1)
Dartmouth College (1)
Stanford University (1)
Fordham University (1)
George Washington University (1)
Harvard University (1)
University of Pennsylvania (1)

Colleges where SEA graduates have played club squash:

Boston College
Boston University
Bucknell University
Clark University
Colgate University
Denison University
Georgetown University
Ithaca College
Lafayette College
Miami University
Northeastern University

Smith College
Thomas Jefferson University
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Davis
University of Connecticut
University of Connecticut Waterbury
University of Minnesota Rochester
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Washington University in St. Louis

Notable Achievements

39  college squash players from the network have captained varsity teams.

7 varsity college squash programs have had a total of 10 or more SEA graduates play on their teams.

SEA graduates have played varsity squash at 5 of the Ivy League’s 8 colleges.

CitySquash alumna Jesse Pacheco ’14 earned All American honors twice at Cornell.

Access Youth Academy alumna Reyna Pacheco competed on the professional squash tour and earned a top 100 ranking.

• CitySquash graduate Chris Fernandez was the head varsity coach at Dickinson and Chatham and is now the assistant coach at Columbia.

• Katiria Sanchez of CitySquash was a member of Trinity’s national championship winning team in 2014.

StreetSquash and University of Rochester ‘23 alumnus Quinlan Jeudy plays on the professional squash tour.

College Squash Photos