Exeter Summer School

Phillips Exeter Academy
Exeter, NH
July 1 – August 2, 2019

Number of scholarships: 10 total
(5 for middle school Access Exeter program, 5 for high school Upper School program)
current 7th – 10th graders
Member Program Tuition Cost:
$1,625 per student
Market Value Price: $8,900
 per student

SEA Primary Contact: Sonia Gonzalez; sonia.gonzalez@squashandeducation.org
Exeter Primary Contact: Karin Tenney-Helfrich; ktenney@exeter.edu and Elena Gosalvez-Blanco; egosalvez@exeter.edu

January 14 – Programs notified of student selections
January 25 – Programs must confirm that selected students will move forward with application process
February 15 – Deadline for full Exeter Summer School Application and Financial Aid materials to be submitted directly to Exeter
June 1 – Member Program tuition due to SEA via online payment system

SEA will announce the ten nominees who have been chosen to submit their application to Exeter on January 14, 2019. After confirming participation, selected nominees will then be required to fill out the full Exeter Summer School application and follow the steps below.

1. Member Program advisors should read overview of the application process: http://www.exeter.edu/exeter-summer/how-apply-exeter-summer

2. Complete Exeter Online Application – each applicant needs their own unique ApplyWeb login account. Advisors should add their email address to the account to make sure all email correspondence from Exeter is tended to. Note: The application system we use does not allow students younger than 13 to create an account to apply. Please create accounts with the student’s name and a birthdate that makes them old enough to create the account. Once they are on the application they will need to correct their birthdate on page one of the application.The online application includes the following items:

a. Application with general student and family information. ***Your applicants must choose Program: Squash and Education Alliance from the dropdown box on the application section that asks how they heard about Exeter Summer.
b. Course/Cluster selection – Review the ACCESS EXETER or UPPER SCHOOL course catalog prior to submitting your application in order to make your course/cluster and sport selections within the application.
c. Personal Essay – One to two pages, including a description of your interests and abilities along with any
other background information you wish to share. In addition, please describe a significant event, person, or experience that has influenced your outlook on life and your goals: or describe your involvement in a specific activity of particular importance to you. Finally, your essay should include a statement outlining your reasons for wanting to attend EXETER SUMMER.
d. 3 Letters of Recommendations and Transcript – As part of the online application, you will request recommendations from your teachers by entering their email address on the application. Teachers will receive an email with a link to your online recommendation form and you will be able to monitor the status of each recommendation request and take action if necessary. Detailed information regarding the recommendation process.

  • 1 Current Math or Science Teacher
  • 1 Current English or Humanities Teacher
  • 1 Current Guidance Counselor or Principal – Please Note: this person must also upload your official Grade Report/Transcript for at least one semester or quarter from the current school year with the recommendation

e. Parental Permission (e-signature)
f. Application fee waiver code- On page 1 please say ‘yes’ to financial aid. Then, please enter the fee waiver code ES1919 located on the bottom of the 5th page of the application next to “For office use only”.

3. Financial Aid Form – These materials are to be uploaded online by the February 15 deadline. Please have families begin completion of the questionnaire ahead of time. Once students submit their application, they will receive a link to upload the financial documentation listed below.
a. 2019 Financial Aid Questionnaire – filled out by all parents/guardians listed on application
b. IRS 1040 tax form (2017 or 2018*) – from all parents/guardians listed on application
c. IRS W2 or 1099 tax form (2017 or 2018*) – from all parents/guardians listed on application

*Note the 1040 and W2 documentation years must match.


Tuition, Fees and Additional Costs

Member programs should be prepared to contribute $325 per week for private school summer programs and $450 per week for pre-college programs. Exeter tuition gets paid directly to SEA.

PLEASE NOTE that each school requires additional funds (between $200-$500) for books, supplies and incidentals that are not included in the tuition. Programs may be asked to pay for these costs upfront upon acceptance of each student and is an additional cost to the tuition. In certain cases, an initial enrollment fee upon acceptance may also be requested and will vary in amount depending on the school and the financial documents submitted by the students’ families.

To determine the amount of scholarship allotted, most schools will require the family of each student to fill out a confidential financial questionnaire and provide copies of 2017 or 2018 IRS 1040 Forms and copies of Supporting W-2 Forms and/or 1099 Forms from the same year as the IRS 1040 Form. **Based on this information, the school may ask for an additional contribution from a student’s family based on their ability to pay.  It is very important that this is clear to your students’ families before you make your nominations – they must be willing to disclose financial information and able to provide supporting documentation, and they may be asked by the school to contribute to the cost of the program.

Member Programs should be prepared to contribute for each student accepted:

  • Member programs should be prepared to contribute $325 per week for private school summer programs and $450 per week for pre-college programs.
  • Additional stipend for books, supplies, and incidentals (between $200-$500)
  • Travel costs

SEA is committed to raising the following funds for each student accepted:

  • Balance of scholarship tuition
  • $100 towards airfare (if necessary)
  • Application fee for selected students

For general inquiries, see the link below.
Exeter Summer School Website

For specific concerns, please contact Sonia Gonzalez, Director of Educational Partnerships & Alumni, sonia.gonzalez@squashandeducation.org