February 16, 2017

Squash Haven and CitySquash Again Sweep the A Draws at Urban Team Nationals in Philadelphia

Chicago's MetroSquash students and Squash Director Seetreeon Torres

Chicago’s MetroSquash students and Squash Director Seetreeon Torres

Over the weekend of January 14-16, the 14th annual Urban Team Nationals brought 450 students and nearly 100 staff members to Philadelphia for 3 squash-filled days of competition. The event welcomed organizations from 19 different programs across the country to share in the weekend festivities and make new urban squash friends. Squash Haven and CitySquash dominated the A draws.

Urban Team Nationals has grown tremendously since its inception in 2004. “When I attended the first Urban Team Nationals at Northeastern, there were only four teams participating in the tournament. It’s unbelievable how much the level of squash has risen each year,” said Edgardo Gonzalez, a CitySquash alumna and the StreetSquash Squash Director. This year there were 4 sites — SquashSmarts, Penn, Drexel, and the Racquet Club of Philadelphia — that hosted the 87 teams from 19 programs.

Hartford's Capitol Squash students

Hartford’s Capitol Squash students

Alongside the tournament, NUSEA hosted a private school fair, and representatives from eight schools attended — Andover, Choate, Hotchkiss, Lawrenceville, Loomis Chaffee, St. Paul’s,The Hill School, and Woodberry Forest. The fair kicked off with a lunch gathering of member program staff and representatives to encourage relationship-building between organizations and schools. During the fair, students talked to the representatives and learned more about their schools’ admission processes. NUSEA sincerely thanks all representatives who participated!

A Division Champions

GU13 – CitySquash Bronx
GU15 – Squash Haven
GU17 – Squash Haven
GU19 – Squash Haven

BU13 – CitySquash Brooklyn
BU15 – CitySquash Bronx
BU17 – Squash Haven
BU19 – Squash Haven

B Division Champions

GU13 – StreetSquash Harlem
GU15 – Squash Haven
GU17 – StreetSquash Harlem
GU19 – Squash Haven

BU15 – SquashSmarts
BU17 – SquashWise
BU19 – Beyond Walls

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