Job Opportunities

Our network of squash and education programs offers a variety of paid work opportunities in cities across the country. Most of the positions fall into one of two categories: coaching jobs for which experience as a squash player or coach is required, and academic positions for which experience as a teacher, tutor or counselor is desirable. Some programs also have positions in fundraising, program management, social work, development, and administration.


 716 Squash
 Buffalo, NY

Organization: A+ Squash
Location: Atlanta, GA

Organization: First State Squash
Location: Wilmington, DE

Organization: MetroSquash
Location: Chicago, IL

Organization: Mission Squash
 Houston, TX

Organization: SquashBusters
Location: Boston, MA

Organization: StreetSquash 
 New York, NY

Organization: US Squash
Location: New York, NY

To learn about other job opportunities at SEA and our member programs, contact us at or (646) 218-0456.