Harvard University Pre-College Program

Cambridge, MA
Flexible 2-week sessions between June 23 – August 2, 2019

Number of scholarships: 1
Age: current 10th – 11th graders
Member Program Tuition Cost: $900 per student (may require an additional $100 health insurance fee)
Market Value Price: $4,600 per student

SEA Primary Contact:  Sonia Gonzalez; sonia.gonzalez@squashandeducation.org
Harvard Primary Contact: Jackie Newcomb; jacqueline_newcomb@harvard.edu

If a student has any technical difficulties in the application process, they should email Harvard summer office (precollege@summer.harvard.edu) and cc Sonia Gonzalez on the correspondence.

January 14 – Programs notified of student selections
January 25 – Programs must confirm that selected students will move forward with application process
February 1 – Deadline for full Harvard Pre-College Summer Program Application and Financial Aid Application submitted directly to Harvard
Feburary 18 – Students notified of admissions decision. If accepted, registration for courses begins on February 26 at 9am EST (very competitive to get courses of students’ choice!)

SEA will announce the nominee who has been chosen to submit their application to Harvard on January 14, 2018. After confirming participation, selected nominees will then be required to fill out the full Harvard Pre-College Summer Program application and follow the steps below. All application materials should be uploaded and submitted via the Harvard Pre-College Summer Application portal.

1. Member Program advisors and students should review Harvard Pre-College Summer Program general webpage, Admissions webpage, and Pre-College Course Options.

2. Online Application – Complete the online application. **To bypass the application fee payment, be sure to select “yes” for the Partnership Student option and choose SEA from the drop-down menu under the Partnership Student header. Then, enter the partnership code: pf19se20.

The following supplementary items are required to be uploaded to the online application portal:

-Transcript from 9th grade up through 1st semester, which includes current grades (Fall 2018)
Counselor Report
-Optional second Supplemental Counselor Report may be completed by member program advisor
– Signed Rules and Regulations form

3. Financial Aid Application – Log in to the online services portal to find the Financial Aid Application. Completed Financial Aid application and submit supporting financial documents to online portal.

4. Watch your email inbox – you’ll receive an email prompting you to log in to check your application status approximately three weeks after you’ve completed your application.


Tuition, Fees and Additional Costs
Member programs should be prepared to contribute $325 per week for private school summer programs and $450 per week for pre-college programs. Tuition for Harvard gets sent directly to Harvard.

PLEASE NOTE that each school requires additional funds (between $200-$500) for books, supplies and incidentals that are not included in the tuition. Programs may be asked to pay for these costs upfront upon acceptance of each student and is an additional cost to the tuition. In certain cases, an initial enrollment fee upon acceptance may also be requested and will vary in amount depending on the school and the financial documents submitted by the students’ families. For Harvard, there is a mandatory $100 health insurance fee in addition to costs for textbooks, supplies, and student activities. 

To determine the amount of scholarship allotted, most schools will require the family of each student to fill out a confidential financial questionnaire and provide copies of 2017 or 2018 IRS 1040 Forms and copies of Supporting W-2 Forms and/or 1099 Forms from the same year as the IRS 1040 Form. **Based on this information, the school may ask for an additional contribution from a student’s family based on their ability to pay.  It is very important that this is clear to your students’ families before you make your nominations – they must be willing to disclose financial information and able to provide supporting documentation, and they may be asked by the school to contribute to the cost of the program.

Member Programs should be prepared to contribute for each student accepted:

  • Member programs should be prepared to contribute $325 per week for private school summer programs and $450 per week for pre-college programs.
  • Additional stipend for books, supplies, and incidentals (between $200-$500)
  • Travel costs

SEA is committed to raising the following funds for each student accepted:

  • Balance of scholarship tuition
  • $100 towards airfare (if necessary)
  • Application fee for selected students


For general inquiries, see the link below.
Harvard Pre-College Summer Program

For specific concerns, please contact Sonia Gonzalez, Director of Educational Partnerships & Alumni, sonia.gonzalez@squashandeducation.org