NUSEA was founded in 2005 by Greg Zaff, George Polsky, Steve Gregg and Tim Wyant, the leaders of the country’s first four urban squash programs. At the time, nine years after the first urban squash program was launched in Boston, urban squash was excelling, and new cities were clamoring to launch similar organizations. But existing programs were missing out on the opportunity to formally share knowledge and learn from one another, and new programs had no obvious place to turn for guidance. Best practices, while implicitly understood, had not been explicitly defined and evaluated. There existed no organized blueprint or structure for doing the work of urban squash. NUSEA set out to do all of these important functions, acting as the catalyst, organizer, and overseer of urban squash’s improvement and growth. U.S. SQUASH, the national governing body of the sport, partnered with NUSEA, and William E. Simon Jr. became the Chairman of the Board. Urban squash was at last ‘national’.