Squash Urbano Colombia Sends Second Student to U.S. Boarding School

Dailyn of Cartagena’s Squash Urbano Colombia recently gained admission to the Indian Mountain School in Lakeville, Connecticut, becoming the second Colombian student from the SEA network to attend boarding school in the U.S. (Valeria Osorio who attended the Westminster School and now goes to Wesleyan, was the first.) A standout competitor on court, Dailyn qualified for the 2019 South American Jr. Championships in Bolivia and won a bronze medal while representing Colombia.

“Having Dailyn following Valeria’s footstep means a lot to the organization and to all of our students,” says Esteban Espinal, Executive Director. “It gives us a lot of hope in these tough moments.”

Squash Urbano Colombia provides its students with English instruction six days a week. A handful of students like Dailyn also participate in supplemental lessons and test prep and aspire to attend school in the U.S.