Kenyon Invitational 2015

Kenyon College
Gambier, OH
December 5, 2015

Primary NUSEA contact: Julie Monrad,
Tournament Director: 
Vir Seth,

11/2 – Requests for the number of teams by age group submitted to Tournament Director
11/6 – Programs notified of the number of allotted teams in each category
11/23 – Programs submit full rosters

Event Summary
Led by John Knepper, the Kenyon Competitive Club Squash team invites Urban Squash players to compete in their expansive 8-court Kenyon squash facility. Players will compete in teams of five. In addition, the Kenyon team members will participate in the event.

Entry Fee

Age category
U13 & U15

Travel and Food 
Programs are responsible for transportation to and from Gambier. NUSEA will identify hotels to stay at in the area, but programs are in charge of hotel costs. NUSEA will provide lunch Saturday and Sunday. $100 reimbursement for programs that need to fly students (up to 3)

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General Overnight-Tournament Packing List
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NUSEA Rules of Play

  • Sportsmanship – High level of sportsmanship is expected of all players.
  • Eye-wear – All players must wear the proper protective eye-wear during matches. Players will not be permitted to solely wear prescription eyeglasses on court. Programs will need to provide i-MASKS or other protective eye-wear for players wearing prescription eyeglasses.
  • Uniforms – All players must wear their respective program’s uniforms.
  • Referee Requirement – Both the winner and loser immediately referee and mark the next match. Winner brings score sheet to tournament desk and receives the score sheet for the next match.
  • Default – A 15 minute default rule will be put in place.