Midwest Urban Championships

Kenyon College
Gambier, OH
Thursday, July 23-26, 2015
Tournament Director: Peter Nolan; peter.nolan@citysquash.org
NUSEA Contact: Sage Ramadge; sage.ramadge@squashandeducation.org

6/12 – Requests for the # of entries by age group submitted to Tournament Director
6/26 – Programs notified the # of allotted entries in each category
7/10 – Entries submitted On-line
7/15 – Entries & Preliminary seedings posted on US Squash; Seeding petitions due 7/17
7/20 – Tournament Draw posted on US SQUASH

$ 50 per entry

Age categories
GU13, GU15, GU17, GU19, BU13, BU15, BU17, GU19
Tournament seeding is based on US Squash ranking  and review by seeding committee. Petitions will be accepted 1 WEEK before the event.

Event details
Friday, 3:00 pm: Check-in
4:00 pm: Matches begin
Sunday, 11:00 am: Matches end

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NUSEA Rules of Play

Sportsmanship – High level of sportsmanship is expected of all players.
Eye-wear – All players must wear the proper protective eye-wear during matches. Players will not be permitted to wear prescription eyeglasses on court. Programs will need to provide i-masks or other protective eye-wear.
Uniforms – All players must wear their respective program’s uniforms.
Referee Requirement – Both the winner and loser immediately referee and mark the next match. Winner brings score sheet to tournament desk and receives the score sheet for the next match.
Default – A 15 minute default rule will be put in place.