Leadership Assembly

Friday, January 26
The Study of Philadelphia – 8:00am-5:00pm
followed by
Reception – U.S. Squash Specter Center – 5:00-6:00pm

8:00am: Coffee & Conversation

9:00am: The SEA Report
The SEA team presents on the work and impact of the SEA network’s 25 member organizations, reviewing organizational milestones, student and alumni achievements, and opportunities for improvement.

Robert Gibralter, Director of Growth, SEA
David Kay, Senior Advisor, SEA
Sarah McConnell, Chief Program Officer, SEA
Tim Wyant, Executive Director, SEA

10:00am: Scaling Two of Squash’s Tallest Peaks – Specter Center and LA28
Three of the game’s most important leaders share the inside story of how the world’s finest squash facility came to be built in West Philadelphia and how squash reached its ultimate global goal: Olympics inclusion. Panelists will recall the inflection points of these singular efforts, reflect on lessons learned, and share their views of what opportunities these achievements represent for our sport and the SEA network.

John Fry, President, Drexel University
Kevin Klipstein, CEO, US Squash
William Louis-Marie, CEO, World Squash Federation
Moderator: Tim Wyant, Executive Director, SEA

11:00am: Break

11:15am: Table Talks
In small groups, attendees introduce themselves, share their respective roles, and discuss these questions: What brought you to your organization? What is your organization’s biggest challenge? What do you hope to get out of today?

12:00pm: Lunch

1:00pm: Q&A with Egoli Squash’s Dikana Mthombeni
A conversation with the Executive Director and Co-Founder of SEA’s International Partner in Johannesburg. Born and raised in the township of Soweto, Dikana learned to play squash on a free-standing court next to a school in his neighborhood. In 2009, he and Glenn Lazarus co-founded Egoli Squash on that site and a four-court facility at the University of Johannesburg. Now in its fifteenth year of operation, Egoli Squash works with more than 500 public school students annually and has an annual operating budget of approximately $50,000. Among other achievements, Egoli students have earned scholarships to attend private high schools and qualified for provincial squash championships. One student represented South Africa in Melbourne, Australia at the 2023 World Junior Championships.

Dikana Mthombeni, Executive Director, Egoli Squash
Moderator: David Kay, Senior Advisor, SEA

2:00pm: Panels

Board & ED Partnerships
A discussion of how EDs and Boards can most effectively work together to advance the mission and goals of their organizations. What do board members most need from their EDs, and what do EDs most need from their boards?

Stephen Gregg, Executive Director, SquashSmarts
Lauren Herterich, Executive Director, Kids on Point
David Hillman, Founding Board Chair, Steel City Squash
Priya Trauber, Co-Chair, Squash Haven
Moderator: Jack Hellmann, Vice Chair, SEA

Is College Worth It? The Debate on College, Student Debt, and Career Readiness
Panelists will discuss the experiences and outcomes of the network’s postsecondary students as the nation navigates changing trends in college enrollments and workforce readiness.

Alix Davis Cummin, Director of College, Career, and Community Support, SquashSmarts
Stefany Navarro, Program Director, StreetSquash
Rosemary O’Connor, Chief Programs Officer, Racquet Up Detroit
Moderator: Sarah McConnell, Chief Program Officer, SEA

3:00pm: Networking Break

3:30pm: Panels

Reflections from the Network’s Newest Leaders
Three of the network’s newest EDs share their observations and perspectives on the mission and programming of their respective organizations and the SEA model and network.

Jean Koehler, Executive Director, Urban Squash Cleveland
Janae Meyer, CEO, MetroSquash
Jen Wohl, CEO, StreetSquash
Moderator: Meg Taylor, Executive Director, Capitol Squash

Building our Squash Communities: Successful Models
Drawing on their experiences in Washington, D.C., Harlem, and San Diego, three leading squash evangelists will share their perspectives on how to grow squash and make the fullest use of their multi-court facilities. How do SEA programs best sell squash to the community? How do we balance revenue generation with our core programming? What ultimately are the ingredients for sustainable growth?
Will Hopton, Executive Director, Squash on Fire
Simba Muhwati, Squash Director, StreetSquash
Renato Paiva, Executive Director, Access Youth Academy
Moderator: Robert Gibralter, Director of Growth, SEA

4:30pm: Reflection & Assembly Takeaways

5:00pm Cocktails at the Specter Center

Squash courts will be reserved at the Specter Center for SEA Leadership Assembly Participants, from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM on Thursday, January 25. Please contact robert.gibralter@squashandeducation.org (646-321-0855) to let us know if you will be playing squash.