Membership Committee

In the spirit of peer review and accountability, the Membership Committee consists of leaders from various SEA programs who volunteer their time to help SEA define and uphold standards of organizational quality throughout the network.

Purpose: The purpose of the Membership Committee is to fulfill the following responsibilities.

    • Review and give feedback on changes to SEA membership criteria and standards
    • Review and give feedback on changes to the policies and procedures of the membership review process
    • Evaluate member programs and make recommendations to their Executive Directors and Boards of Directors
    • Process and evaluate membership applications from prospective programs

Values: The Membership Committee strives to uphold the following values.

    • High Quality: Set and uphold meaningful standards that lead to high quality programs
    • Transparency: Be transparent about SEA standards and evaluation of programs against these standards
    • Honesty: Give and receive honest feedback to and from one another and member programs
    • Respect: Treat programs and one another with respect, even as we engage in difficult conversations

Committee Structure:  The Committee consists of approximately five to ten members. Members may serve more than one two-year term. SEA’s Executive Director and Deputy Director serve as permanent members of the Committee.

Member Selection: SEA’s Membership Committee consists of senior leaders from SEA and its member programs. Interested candidates may request to be considered, or current Committee Members may nominate candidates. Selection decisions will be made by the current Committee, taking into account the need for new members and the following considerations:

  • the individual’s engagement with SEA and the broader squash and education effort
  • longevity in SEA (minimum two years in a senior leadership position, with preference given to Executive Directors)
  • strength of the individuals’s member program (minimum rating of Strong or higher in previous evaluations)

Individuals interested in being considered for the Membership Committee should reach out to SEA’s Deputy Director.

Timeline and Expectations: Members serve a one-year term that begins Sept 1st and ends Aug 31st. The Committee convenes approximately five times a year through teleconferences, and each committee member conducts at least one member program site visit between November and February.