Midwest Championships 2017

Kenyon College
Gambier, OH
July 27-30, 2016

Tournament Director/NUSEA Contact: Jazmin Matos, jazmin.matos@squashandeducation.org

6/2 – Programs submit number of entry requests by age group and gender to Jazmin Matos
6/6 – NUSEA releases number of accepted entries to programs
6/26 – Programs submit entrant form, attending staff information, student and staff waivers, and online payment to Jazmin Matos. ** Send program ladders for both girls and boys. If any students do not have US Squash memberships, please submit the US Squash Account Update Form to Jazmin Matos by this date. For information on creating new accounts, please read US Squash Accounts document.
6/28 – NUSEA sends out rooming assignments to programs
6/30 – Programs submit rooming assignment edits to Jazmin
6/30 – NUSEA releases initial seedings based on US Squash ranking and program ladder
7/5 – Programs submit seeding petitions and flight receipts for reimbursement to Jazmin Matos.
7/6 – NUSEA releases final rooming assignments
7/24 – NUSEA releases draws and weekend itinerary to programs
7/27 – Midwest Championships Tournament

Event Summary
Midwest Championships will include U13, U15, and U17/U19 combined for both genders. All age levels will compete at Kenyon College’s 8 international courts. Participants must have an up-to-date US Squash profile. Programs are invited to arrive Thursday, July 21, and play will begin Friday morning.

Note on Seedings:
Seedings will be based on US Squash ratings and rankings but consideration will be given to past performances within their age group.

Program Fees
$75 participant fee (includes attending staff members)
$25 fee for entry changes submitted after 6/26
$10 fee for changing rooming assignments after 7/6
$150 fee for losing a room key (charged by college)
Online Payment 

Housing and Food
NUSEA will provide housing and food for all programs at Kenyon College. Housing will be in the college dormitories, and meals will be served at the college dining hall. The first meal will be dinner on Thursday evening, and the last meal will be lunch on Sunday.

NUSEA will reimburse $100 for student flights, up to 10 students per program. Submit ticket receipts by email to Jazmin Matos by 7/17. Programs will receive reimbursements after the tournament.

NUSEA Student Waiver
NUSEA Staff Waiver

General Overnight-Tournament Packing List
PDF Download

Event Venue
Kenyon College
103 College Road
Gambier, OH 43022