SEA’s mission is to lead, launch, and strengthen youth programs that enable and empower students to access and succeed in quality educational, athletic, and career opportunities. To achieve our mission, we focus on three primary areas — growth, program quality, and student and alumni opportunities.

Growth: We team up with local leaders to launch new SEA programs in cities that can sustain and grow strong organizations over time. We also make financial grants to existing member organizations to help them increase enrollment and build facilities of their own.

Program Quality: We identify and promote the adoption of our model’s best practices through the sharing of information and ideas, metric-based evaluations of member programs, and professional development.

Student and Alumni Opportunities: We provide squash, academic, college preparation and career opportunities to participating elementary, middle and high school students from around the network. These opportunities include squash tournaments, summer training camps, elite squash development, summer scholarships to boarding schools and colleges, and civic leadership trips. SEA also provides scholarships, financial aid, and career readiness grants to alumni of our member organizations.