Program Quality

We identify and promote the adoption of urban squash’s ‘best practices’ through the sharing of information and ideas, metric-based evaluations of member programs, and professional development.

Information Sharing
We organize staff retreats and conferences, conduct and distribute research, and bring together staff from our member programs to examine our core areas of work, including academics, health and wellness, and college prep and persistence.

Metric-Based Evaluations
We conduct metric-based evaluations of our member programs. Annually, member programs provide SEA with key program information, and evaluations are conducted jointly by SEA staff and leaders of other member programs. Areas of focus include student attendance, attrition, college placement and graduation rates, finances, board development, governance, and more.

Professional Development
We provide professional development opportunities to staff of our member programs. Opportunities include visiting and learning from other member programs, leading national academic and career development programs, and participating in initiatives to prepare the next generation of leaders of our member programs.