PVD Moses Brown and Squash Busters
257 Hope St.
Providence, Rhode Island, 02906

May 18 – 19, 2024

Tournament Director: Joetta.francis@squashandeducation.org
Tournament Format: Individual
Club Locker Home Page: 2024 Providence Open

4/9 – Programs submit entry requests by age group and gender using the entry request form.
4/11 – SEA notifies programs of the number of allocated entries in each division.
4/16 – Programs confirm how many allotted spots they are accepting by emailing a list of names to Joetta. $50 entry fee per player must be paid HERE along with the list of names. Late payments/list of names will incur a $25 per participant late fee.
5/2 – Programs submit the waivers (SEA student ). Please contact Joetta if you are unable to submit by this date.
5/2 – Programs forfeit the entire entry fee for any player who drops out.
5/15 – Final tournament draws sent to programs and posted to US Squash before 5pm EST.

Event Summary
This tournament will feature U13, U15, U17, and U19 divisions for both genders.

The U13 divisions will offer one draw of up to 8 players. The U15, U17, and U19 divisions will offer an A draw of up to 8 players and B draw of up to 16 players. Please note that players registering in the A draws need to meet the rating requirements below (exceptions will be made on a petition basis):

Division Required Rating
Boys U15A 3.0+
Boys U17A & U19A 3.5+
Girls U15A 2.5+
Girls U17A & U19A 3.0+

Matches will begin on Saturday at 9AM and end on Sunday at 2PM  

SEA will NOT offer flight subsidies for this tournament 

Hotel Information
Available 4/9

SEA Student Waiver

Additional Resources
General Overnight Tournament Packing List
Program Events Expectations.pdf