SEA National Conference, March 4-6 2018

Session TopicFacilitator(s)
Building Strong Program CultureCaitlin Barrett, SquashBusters Providence Executive Director
Alana Lerner, SEA Director of Academic Programs and Alumni Support
Katie Siegel, SEA Director of Strategic Development
Becky Silva, SEA Deputy Director
Maximizing Staff Check-InsKimberly Diaz, Co-Founder, OneTILT
Leading Effective Academic SessionsJesse Friedman, Racquet Up
Caleb Garza, StreetSquash
Colin Murfee, CitySquash
Becky Silva, SEA
Case Studies and Data From Successful College Support ProgramsBill DeBaun, Director of Data and Evaluation, NCAN
Coaching SkillsMark Allen
Building Motivation and ResilienceDr. Diane Whaley, Professor, UVA
Reframing Challenging BehaviorsCaitlin Barrett, SquashBusters Providence
Delivering Effective Feedback to Staff and VolunteersKimberly Diaz, OneTILT
Student SafetyTim Wyant, SEA Executive Director
Abby Markoe, SquashWise Executive Director
Tammy Hurvitz, Racquet Up
Program Seasons: Reflect, Reset, and Re-energizeDora Lubin, SquashBusters Lawrence Executive Director
Ali Hubbard, SquashBusters Boston
Finding & Supporting a Diverse Staff Tai Garcia, StreetSquash Harlem
Motivational InterviewingEmily Chernick
Private School PlacementSarah Allen, CitySquash
Wrap-around Student SupportsJessica Enriquez, MetroSquash
Best Practices for Supporting SEA Program Graduates in CollegeAlana Lerner, SEA
Financial Aid SupportMikhail Darlington, SquashBusters
College TransitionAssumpta Galang, StreetSquash Harlem
Career Skills DevelopmentChristian Aviles, Squash Haven
Race in Urban SquashDr. Joanna Williams, Professor, UVA
Jazmin Matos, Director of Operations, SEA
Mikhail Darlington, SquashBusters
Jazmin Danielson, Beyond Walls
Tai Garcia, StreetSquash
College Access and Success Support for 1st Generation StudentsDr. Ben Castleman, Professor, UVA
Supporting Female AthletesJazmin Matos, SEA
Becky Silva, SEA
Supporting Students’ Mental Health NeedsSasha Diamond-Lenow, StreetSquash Harlem
Emily Chernick, Capitol Squash
TeambuilidingAll Staff
Breakout Sessions by RoleAll Staff