Staff Travel Fund

SEA encourages the staff of our member programs to visit one another to learn and further develop relationships across organizations. To offset travel costs, SEA’s Staff Travel Fund subsidizes up to $300 per trip for transportation and accommodations – the first $100 is covered in full, and costs thereafter are split between the visiting staff member’s program and SEA. 

 In order to be eligible for a travel subsidy, staff members must commit to spending a full workday with the host program and to completing a post-visit reflection for SEA and the host program to review. Requirements for the visit include: 

  • spend the full workday with the host program
  • go to lunch with your staff counterpart from the host program
  • meet individually with two additional staff members 
  • attend the full 3-hour afternoon squash and academic session
  • actively volunteer for at least half of the 3-hour afternoon session

After their visit, staff members are required to submit a one-page reflection within 14 days of concluding the visit (template provided by SEA). SEA will reimburse the staff member’s program after the post-visit reflection has been submitted and after electronic receipts and a summary of costs have been submitted.

Applicants must make a request to SEA in advance of the scheduled trip. Due to limited funds, please note that staff members may be held to one trip per year. If you are a staff member interested in accessing the Staff Travel Fund, please contact Jennifer Sewell, Director of Program Support and Evaluation, at