StreetSquash Camp

SL Green StreetSquash Center
New York, NY
August 16-21, 2015

Primary Contact: Edgardo Gonzalez;

Deadlines: Please confirm with Edgardo and complete the forms below by June 17.

# Total Students Available to Host at Camp:  The camp can accommodate 2-3 students per program.

Age categories
Rising 6th-9th graders

Selection process
Programs can nominate 2-3 students.

Programs are responsible for transportation to and from NYC; NUSEA issues $100 reimbursement for programs that need to fly students (up to 3).

Forms and Packing List
PDF Download

Homestays will be secured.

Students are required to arrive Sunday, August 16th between 1-3pm and will be picked up at the train station, bus stop or airport.

Camp ends on Friday, August 21st at 12pm. Students’ flights, bus, or trains home may not depart before 3 pm on Friday.