Summer School

We provide intensive, high quality summer educational opportunities to students enrolled in our member programs. Students go through a rigorous application process to qualify for these multi-week overnight academic experiences. Once selected, the scholarship winners live on campus, take academic courses, and make friends with other students from all over the world. The 46 scholarships made available in 2018 took place at the following institutions.

9 students participated in Phillip Exeter Academy’s rigorous 5-week summer academic program in Exeter, New Hampshire.

taft school logo
7 students participated in the Taft School’s 5-week summer school experience in Watertown, Connecticut.

Choate Logo
7  students participated in Choate Rosemary Hall’s 5-week summer program in Wallingford, Connecticut.

miss porter's school logo2 female students participated in Miss Porter’s School’s 3-week summer program in Farmington, Connecticut. Miss Porter’s summer program is broken into three segments: Leadership, STEAM – a mixture of STEM and Art – and Financial Literacy.

2 students participated in Lawrenceville’s 3-week summer program in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

4 students participated in the Hotchkiss Summer Portals program in Lakeville, Connecticut.

2 students participated in Phillips Academy Andover’s Upper School program in Andover, Massachusetts.

4 students participated in Salisbury’s 5-week summer program in Salisbury, Connecticut.

3 students participated in University of Rochester’s 2-week summer program in Rochester, New York.

students participated in Brown University’s 2-week summer program in Providence, Rhode Island.

students participated in Syracuse University’s 2-week summer program in Syracuse, New York.

students participated in Harvard University’s 2-week summer program in Cambridge, Massachusetts.