Thank You Becky!

With a passion for social justice and supporting youth, Becky has spent more than 20 years in the fields of youth development and education. As Deputy Director at SEA, Becky oversaw national programming and organizational operations, focusing on improving program quality and developing best practices across the network.

“Becky’s impact on SEA can’t be overstated,” says Executive Director Tim Wyant. “Over the past six years, she played a leading role in expanding our portfolio of services to member programs, students, and alumni, bringing a scrupulous eye for detail and implementing much-needed processes that made SEA a more professional, sustainable, and successful organization. She brought her whole heart to the job, and is the best listener I’ve worked with. Becky is a big part of the reason that SEA is where it is today, and we will miss her.”

Before joining SEA, Becky served as Program Director at SquashBusters for four years. Becky also served in senior leadership roles at MetroLacrosse, another sports-based youth development organization, where she managed both programming and fundraising initiatives. She has an interest in restorative justice and worked for several years at Roca, Inc. leading a dropout prevention program for youth. In the education world, Becky worked for two years as a middle school Spanish teacher and field hockey coach. Becky completed her B.A. at Connecticut College (where 25 SEA alumni have also studied!) and earned a Masters of Education from Harvard University.

Becky’s impact on SEA can be seen in countless areas, but is perhaps most evident when speaking with leaders and staff across the network, who describe her as “a special person,” “a constant mentor,” and “an amazing sounding board.” Many folks have shared that, when they are facing a new challenge at their member program, their first thought is often “What would Becky do?” The high standards and example that Becky has set over the past decade will undoubtedly impact the network for years to come and SEA is immensely grateful.