Trinity Invitational 2018

Trinity College
Hartford, CT
Saturday, November 17, 2018

Tournament Director: Brendan McClintick,
SEA Contact: Nina Kelly,

10/31/18 – Requests for the number of teams by age group submitted to Tournament Director
11/2/18 – Programs notified of the number of allotted teams in each category
11/9/18 – Programs submit full rosters

Event Summary
Players will compete in teams of five at the Kellner Squash Center. There will be A, B, and C divisions for middle school teams. Teams will be made up of five players. Teams should arrive at Trinity by 10:00AM. Matches will begin at 10:30AM and finish by 6:00PM.

Entry Fee

Age category
Middle School divisions

Travel and Food
Programs are responsible for transportation to and from Hartford. SEA will provide lunch for players and staff members.
*Note: The facility entrance is on Broad Street. Use the parking lots around the building.

General Day-Tournament Packing List
PDF Download

SEA Rules of Play

  • Sportsmanship – High level of sportsmanship is expected of all players.
  • Eyewear – All players must wear the proper protective eyewear during matches. Players will not be permitted to solely wear prescription eyeglasses on court. Programs will need to provide i-MASKS or other protective eyewear for players wearing prescription eyeglasses.
  • Uniforms – All players must wear their respective program’s uniforms.
  • Referee Requirement – All players are expected to know how to referee and mark, and will be required to referee or mark the match following their own.
  • Default – A 15 minute default rule will be followed.
  • Banners – All programs are expected to bring their program banners to hang at the event.


Event Venue