Urban Individual Nationals 2017

Williams College and Amherst College
Williamstown and Amherst, MA
June 16-18, 2017

NUSEA Contact: Jazmin Matos, jazmin.matos@squashandeducation.org

4/7 – Academic Contest, Urban Squash Awards, and Scholar-Athlete information distributed to programs
4/14 – Programs submit entry requests by age group and gender to Jazmin Matos (Program Request Form)
4/21 – Programs notified of the number of allocated entries in each category
5/1 – Programs who would like to update player US Squash accounts must submit a US Squash Account Update Form to Jazmin Matos by this date. For information on creating new accounts, please read NUSEA’s US Squash Accounts document.
5/12 – Submissions due for Academic Writing Contest Finalists, Urban Squash Award Nominees, and Scholar-Athlete student names to alana.lerner@squashandeducation.org
5/15 – Programs must notify NUSEA if they want to request an early arrival (before Fri, 6/16). Additional fees will apply.
5/22 – Final entries, attending staff information, and online payment submitted to Jazmin Matos. ** Send program ladders for both girls and boys. All submitted entrants must have passed the US Squash Referee Exam for their level by this date
5/25 – NUSEA shares initial seedings
5/26 – NUSEA sends initial housing assignments
5/29 – Programs submit student/staff waivers and seeding petition to Jazmin Matos
5/30 – Programs submit requests for rooming assignment changes to Jazmin Matos
6/2 – NUSEA sends revised seedings to programs
6/6 – Programs send 2nd round of seeding petitions to Jazmin Matos
6/7 – Informational Call with programs, 1:00PM EST
6/13 – Final tournament seedings and draws sent to programs and posted to US Squash

**If players need to request later start times, programs must send these requests in a separate email to Jazmin Matos at the same time they submit the entrant form. Exceptions will be granted rarely.

Event Summary
Urban Individual Nationals will include U13, U15, U17, and U19 divisions for both genders. U13 and U15 will compete and stay at Williams College. U17 and U19 will compete and stay at Amherst College. Larger draws will include A and B divisions. Matches will begin on Friday at 5pm and end on Sunday at 2pm. Each participating player must have an up-to-date US Squash profile. Players must also have passed the US Squash club referee exam (found in the Affiliations/Certifications section of each player’s US Squash account “Home” page).

Note on Seedings:

Seedings will be based on US Squash ratings and rankings but consideration will be given to past performances within their age group.

Program Fees
$60 entry fee
$25 fee for entry changes submitted after 5/25
$10 fee for changing rooming assignments after 5/31 (charged by college)
$75 fee for losing a room key (charged by college)
Online Payment 

Housing and Food
NUSEA will provide housing and food for all participants at Amherst and Williams College. Housing will be in the college dormitories, and meals will be served at the college dining halls. Meals will be provided from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch.

NUSEA will reimburse $100 for student flights, up to 10 students per program. Submit ticket receipts by email to NUSEA by June 2nd.

Williams Player Waiver (U13/U15 players)
Williams Staff Waiver
Amherst Player/Staff Waiver
(U17/U19 players)
NUSEA Student Waiver
NUSEA Staff Waiver

General Overnight-Tournament Packing List
PDF Download

Event Venues
Amherst Campus Map
Williams Campus Map

Amherst College
Amherst, MA

Williams College
Williamstown, MA