Urban Northeast Individuals

Westminster School
Simsbury, CT
May 16, 2015

Primary Contact:  John DeWitt; john@squashhaven.org
NUSEA Contact: Sage Ramadge; sage.ramadge@squashandeducation.org

4/1 – Requests for the # of teams/entries by age group submitted to Primary Contact
4/15 – Programs notified the # of allotted entries in each category
5/1 – Entries submitted on US Squash Web Site
5/11 – Tournament Draw posted on US SQUASH

Entry Fee

Age categories
GU13, GU15, GU17, GU19, BU13, BU15, BU17, GU19
Tournament seeding is based on US Squash ranking and review by seeding committee.

Event details
8:30 am: Check-in
9:00 am: Matches begin
12:30 pm: Lunch served
6:00 pm: Matches end

NUSEA Rules of Play

Sportsmanship – High level of sportsmanship is expected of all players.
Eye-wear – All players must wear the proper protective eye-wear during matches. Players will not be permitted to wear prescription eyeglasses on court. Programs will need to provide i-masks or other protective eye-wear.
Uniforms – All players must wear their respective program’s uniforms.
Referee Requirement – Both the winner and loser immediately referee and mark the next match. Winner brings score sheet to tournament desk and receives the score sheet for the next match.
Default – A 15 minute default rule will be put in place.