Urban Northeast Regionals 2015

Yale University 
New Haven, CT
Saturday, October 10, 2015
Tournament Director: John DeWitt; john@squashhaven.org

9/4 – Requests for the number of teams by age group submitted to Tournament Director
9/11 – Programs notified of the number of allotted teams in each category
10/2 – Programs submit full rosters

Age categories
There will be a middle school division and high school division for each gender. Middle school entries will compete in teams of 5 players and high school entries will compete in teams of 7 players. Players must be enrolled in 8th grade or below to compete on a middle school team. There will be A, B, and C draws of both middle and high school divisions.

Event details
10:00 am: All teams must check in at courts
11:00 am: Matches begin
6:00 pm: Matches end