Best Practices

We identify and promote the adoption of urban squash’s ‘best practices’ through the sharing of information and ideas, metric-based evaluations of member programs, professional development, and targeted financial incentives.

Information Sharing
We organize staff retreats, conduct surveys of member programs, hold regularly continuing learning conference calls, and manage staff committees focused on topics such as academics, college prep and support, communications and development, and squash.

Metric-Based Evaluations
We conduct metric-based evaluations of our member programs. Each year, member programs submit a report about key program information, enabling NUSEA to provide guidance to its member organizations. Subjects in the annual reports include board giving, high school and college placements, attrition, cost per student, squash rankings, and more.

Challenge Grants
We provide up to two challenge grants a year to member programs to help them become stronger as organizations. Grants range from $10,000 to $50,000.

Professional Development
We subsidize the costs of member program staff to visit other programs, so that staff can learn from one another and build professional networks. We also run a 10-month leadership development program for current and aspiring leaders in urban squash.

Travel Fund

Leadership Fellows Program