National Tournaments
We organize competitions and events throughout the year that give squash players in our programs across the country the opportunity to meet, compete, and make friends. SEA’s national tournaments of the year are Team Nationals and Individual Nationals. Though primarily squash competitions, both events also include academic components. In a given year, over 1,000 students, representing half of the network’s enrollment, participate in at least one SEA-run tournament or camp.

Team Nationals, first played at the SquashBusters facility in Boston in 2004, brings together teams of 5 players in elementary, middle, and high school divisions, and draws more than 450 players from programs around the country. The event rotates annually between the home facilities of SEA member programs.
SEA Team Champions

Individual Nationals, first played at the Groton School in 2003, brings together member program players from around the country to compete in the U11, U13, U15, U17, and U19 divisions. From 2006-2013, the tournament was hosted solely by Williams College in Williamstown, MA. Starting in 2014, the tournament included competition at Amherst College. Students now compete and stay at Deerfield Academy and Amherst College.
SEA Individual Champions

Marquee Tournaments
SEA runs six tournaments throughout the year that take place in Detroit, San Diego, New Haven, Chicago, Providence, and Gambier, OH. These tournaments are 2- or 3-day events and provide opportunities for programs to get together and students to compete and travel.

Regional Tournaments
Throughout the year, SEA teams up with its member programs to plan one-day regional tournaments. Tournaments take place at school campuses, such as Yale University, Trinity College, and University of Minnesota.